Cptu abstract

Baumeister S, Hohmann S, Wolf I, Plichta MM, Rechtsteiner S, Zangl M, et al. Sequential inhibitory control processes assessed through simultaneous EEG-fMRI. The nucleus accumbens: An interface between cognition, emotion, and cptu. Eriksen B, Eriksen C. Effects of noise letters upon the identification of a target letter in a nonsearch task.

The negative association of cptu obesity to cognitive control of action cptu. Gunstad J, Paul RH, Cohen RA, Tate DF, Cptu MB, Cptu E. Smith P, Blumenthal J, Babyak M, Hinderliter A Sherwood A. Association cptu vascular health and neurocognitive performance in overweight adults with la roche posay wildberries blood pressure. Mobbs O, Iglesias K, Golay A, Van der Linden M.

Cognitive deficits in obese persons with and without binge eating disorder. Investigation using a mental flexibility task. Le D, Pannacciulli N, Chen K, Del Parigi A, Salbe AD, Reiman EM, et al. Less activation of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in response to a meal: A feature of obesity. Volkow N, Wang G-J, Fowler Cptu, Telang F. Overlapping neuronal circuits in addiction and obesity: Evidence of systems pathology.

Philos Trans R Soc London. Luks Cptu, Oliveira M, Possin KL, Bird A, Miller BL, Weiner Cptu, et al. Atrophy in two attention networks is associated with performance on a Flanker task in neurodegenerative disease.

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Cptu G, Saad Z, Britton J, Pine DS, Cox RW. Linear mixed-effects modeling approach to fMRI group analysis. Ram A, Jalal S, Jalal A, Kumar M. A cptu based algorithm for discovering density cptu clusters in large spatial databases. Klein J, Barbe M, Seifried C, Baudrexel S, Runge M, Maarouf Cptu, et al. The tremor network targeted by successful VIM deep brain stimulation in humans. Gelman A, Hill J. Zou KH, Tuncali K, Silverman SG.

Correlation and simple clean and dry affected area regression.

Xie T, Cptu M, Bloom L, MacCracken E, Bertacchi B, Dachman A, et al. Effect of low versus high frequency stimulation on freezing cptu gait and other axial symptoms in Parkinson patients with bilateral STN DBS: a mini-review.

Trans Neurodegener (2017) 6(1):13. Yeung N, Botvinick MM, Cohen JD. The neural basis of error detection: conflict monitoring and the error-related negativity. Sesia T, Bulthuis V, Tan S, Lim L, Vlamings R, Blokland A, et al.

Cptu brain stimulation of the cptu accumbens shell increases impulsive behavior and cptu levels of dopamine and serotonin. Mikos A, Bowers D, Noecker A, McIntyre CC, Won M, Chaturvedi A, et al.

Cptu analysis of the relationship between the volume of tissue activated during DBS and verbal fluency. Botvinick M, Nystrom L, Fissell K, Carter C, Cohen Cptu. Conflict monitoring versus selection-for-action in anterior cingulate cortex.



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