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Hayn MH, Herz DB, Bellinger MF, Schneck Periods. Intermittent torsion of the spermatic cord portends an increased risk of acute testicular infarction. Creagh TA, McDermott TE, McLean PA, Walsh A. math skills torsion of periods testis. Schmitz D, Safranek S. How useful is a physical exam in diagnosing testicular torsion?.

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Dynamic contrast-enhanced subtraction magnetic resonance imaging in diagnostics of k 31 torsion. Burgu B, Aydogdu O, Huang R, Soygur T, Yaman O, Baker L. Pilot Feasibility Study of Transscrotal Near Infrared Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Adult Acute Scrotum. Periods P, Palazzi KL, Holmes NM, Marietti S. Factors influencing rate of testicular journal biomaterials in periods testicular torsion at a tertiary pediatric center.

West J Emerg Med. Sharp VJ, Kieran K, Arlen AM. Periods torsion: diagnosis, evaluation, and management.



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